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    Congratulations on the successful launch of Shanghai longyi clothing accessories co., LTD!
    Congratulations to Shanghai longyi clothing accessories co., LTD. Thanks to jindao information technology (Shanghai) co., LTD. To support our website and welcome new and old friends to visit our website.
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    Heat transfer brief overview
    Heat transfer printing is a new printing process that has been imported from abroad for more than 10 years. The technology way of printing printing and transfer printing film processing divides into two parts, printing printing film using network printing resolution (300 dpi), will design printed on thin film surface in advance, printing the design level of rich, colourful, go, small chromatism, good reproducibility, can meet the requirements of design patterns is effect。
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    What is a mark
    The printed mark is the trademark of the printed label, which is the printed label, including the washing mark or the water mark, including the size label or the label of the label and the tag on the garment tag。
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    The type and characteristics of the mark
    There are usually two kinds of printing marks, one is the ribbon, the other is the coating, the ribbon is relatively expensive, the coating is cheaper. Wash water mark commonly USES the material of ribbon or non-woven fabric material, the difference is the best of the ribbon is folded, otherwise the cut is easy to appear burnish. And non - woven cloth printing of the mark can not be folded, cut after the more natural.
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